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The Fish & Game Club

Consisting of over 200 lifetime members, The Holland Fish and Game Club promotes conservation, education, and appreciation of the outdoors in West Michigan.

Rewards Program:

Holland Fish & Game Club members are encouraged to participate in our punch card program. Each member will receive a punch card when they sign up as a member. Below is a list of ways to earn punches over time. Earn punches in return for rewards!

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HFGC Membership

We offer three different memberships:

Lifetime, Yearly, and Junior.

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Upcoming Events

Please visit our Facebook page for information on the latest events that the Holland Fish and Game Club will be having.


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About our Ponds:


There are four drain-able earthen ponds located on the property:

 Pond 1: Pond 1 is located adjacent to Chicago Dr. is approximately 1.5 acres in size. Pond 1 is a shallow basin that would be optimal for growing spring fingerling walleye (1 to 2 inches in length) but because of limited depth the ability to raise fall fingerling walleye (5 to 6 inches in length) would be limited. Muskellunge fingerlings could not be reared in this pond because of limitations with depth and cool water inputs.

Pond 2: Pond 2 is approximately 2.0 acres in size and is a long linear basin that has a direct input from storm water runoff and a direct connection with a surface water stream. This pond would need some work to separate the connection of incoming water supply to prevent continual fish migration into the pond that would consume the stocked and preferred fish to be managed in the pond. A water control structure or fixed crest dam would need to be constructed approximately where the existing culvert is located. Pond 2 is deep enough to raise large sized walleye and muskellunge or by thinning spring fingerling walleye could be used for a staged stocking of fish from Pond 1. 

Pond 3: Pond 3 is a circular show pond with a fountain that primarily is used for a show pond/ kids fishing pond. This pond could receive fish transferred from each of the other ponds and maintained as a kids fishing pond or could be drained to raise muskellunge as it is deep enough to hold fish for longer lengths of time.

Pond 4: Pond 4 is a small elliptical pond that could be used for raising fathead minnows that would be later used to feed walleye and/or muskellunge. Pond 4 is the smallest pond approximately half an acre in size.

All of the ponds have been stocked with large mouth bass, green sunfish, and bluegill (hybrid sunfish). Common carp are also present in the ponds and there is also the presence of other fish (minnows) that would all need to be managed to keep stocked fish from being preyed upon. 

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