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  • From what time to what time do I have the room I rented?
    You may come in at 9am the day of and you must be completely cleaned up and out of the building by 12:30am. If there are no rentals the day before your event, you may be in as early as 6am. The rental manager will notify you if this is an option!
  • Can I pay for early set up?
    If there are no rentals the day before your event, you may be in as early as 6 am and you may stay as late as 10:00 pm. You must be out by 10:00 pm, failure to do so will result in losing a portion of your deposit. The rental manager will notify you if this is an option. As far as setting up the day before, if the date is still available two months prior to your date, you may reserve the day before for early set up for $200.
  • Can I pay to have my event go later than 12:30am?
    Sorry, we expect all renters and guests to be out by 12:30am. This not only allows us to prepare for the next upcoming event, but also ensures that you receive your full deposit back.
  • What size are your tables?
    We offer round tables that are 5ft in diameter and seat 8 guests comfortably. We also have 8ft long rectangular tables that can be used for food, gifts, or the head table. These tables seat 4 to a side. Please note: we do not have enough long tables for you to seat all of your guests at, but you are more than welcome to bring more in!
  • Do you provide linens?
    We can rent linens for you in black, ivory, or white. White linens are all 5$ a piece, black & ivory are 6$ a piece. Please note: we do not offer table skirts, napkins, or chair covers. You are free to bring any of these items in on your own. You do not have to rent linens from us, it is just something we offer!
  • What are the restrictions regarding music?
    Out of respect to our neighbors and to be in line with the city’s ordinance, we allow you to have a DJ but not a live band.
  • What type of decor am I allowed to have?
    You may only hang this with command strips or magnetic hooks. There are hooks provided around the room for your use. We do not allow any fog machines, glitter, or confetti. You may have candles as long as they are contained in a glass holder. Photo booths are welcome. For outdoor ceremonies-- we prefer that you use real flowers, however, if you choose to use silk or any other non-biodegradable materials you are required to pick it all up! Failure to pick up your decor outside will result in losing a portion of your deposit.
  • Is there a kitchen on site for me to use?
    Yes! Each room has its own kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with a warming oven, sink, refrigerator, and a chest freezer. Please note: there is no stove top. If you bring in your own food, it needs to be fully prepared. You may bring in warmers or crock pots.
  • Can I bring in my own food?
    You may bring in your own food, or choose a caterer of your choice!
  • What about alcohol?
    You may purchase and bring in your own alcohol. We only require you to have a licensed bartender if you are having a cash bar. If you are having an open bar, we require that someone over 21 is present to serve the alcohol. We do not require any additional insurance to cover this, but it’s never a bad idea to purchase a short term policy for the day of your event!
  • Can I have my ceremony on site? And if so, what does it cost?"
    Absolutely! One of the perks of having your ceremony at our space is that you and your guests don’t have to travel anywhere between the ceremony and reception! The ceremony fee is $100. Keep in mind, there are many places around the facility for you to choose from, such as the lawn space, field, woods, gazebo, or indoors!
  • How do outdoor ceremonies work?
    First off, whoever rents the date first gets the first pick on the outdoor ceremony space. We do allow two outdoor ceremonies in one day, but they would have to be on completely opposite sides of the property. Please feel free to bring any extra decor or props for your outdoor ceremony, we do not provide any arches or sound equipment. Please remember to use real flowers or be prepared to pick up any flowers or non-biodegradable items used for your ceremony. Outdoor ceremonies are an additional $100.
  • Do you have outdoor chairs?
    Yes! We have 200 white, square back, cushioned ceremony chairs. Please note: chairs are $2.50 per chair with a minimum order of 80 chairs. Whoever rents the date first, has first choice of whether or not they would like to rent the ceremony chairs. If the chairs are not available, please feel free to rent your own. Any outside chair rentals not provided by us must be picked up by the end of your event. Indoor chairs are NOT allowed outside.
  • Is there electrical hook up outdoors?
    If you get married at the gazebo or lawn space near the building there IS electric hookup on the building. However, if you choose to get married in the field or woods, you will need a bluetooth speaker and wireless microphone provided by you or your DJ!
  • Can we have our rehearsal at your facility?
    If the day before is available for early setup, and you choose to pay for it ($200) you may then use that evening for your rehearsal.
  • Are teen parties allowed?
    Sorry, no. We've tried in the past and it was a tested and failed experiment on multiple occasions. We apologize for any inconvenience!
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